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7 Tips to Automate Social Media Marketing Like a Boss - CoSchedule Blog

7 Tips to Automate Social Media Marketing Like a Boss Blog I saw a speaker at a major gathering tell a great many marketersâ that mechanizing web based life postingâ is abhorrent. This was my first idea: Uh. What? That is TERRIBLE guidance. ^ Thats all tops, striking, italics, and underline. Since its extremely inept exhortation. Heres why. By and large, robotizing your online networking postsâ can help you: Scheduleâ once and receive long haul rewards. Get more outcomes with less exertion. Convey reliably and brilliantly with your following. Obviously, there are robotization bombs you ought to most likely keep away from like naturally answering to specifies that contain positive words. Since you may very well wind up resembling this: Picture curated from this post from Spokal. Soâ what would it be a good idea for you to mechanize? Computerize the web based life posts that share your substance and curated content. Its that basic. Your other alternative is to accept that speakers guidance and: Sit before your PC throughout the day. Retain the best occasions + days to post on each informal organization. Set up updates on your Google Calendar to assist you with posting at those occasions. Compose messages and plan designs on the fly when its opportunity to post. Sign all through each informal organization account you oversee. Attempt to perform multiple tasks (despite the fact that its been demonstrated that performing multiple tasks diminishes your efficiency). Get a handle on focused on throughout the day. ^ That sounds awful, doesnt it? ;) Mechanization Youre Already Super Comfortable With Let me think about consequently posting your online networking substance to something youre effectively superâ comfortable with booking. You intend to have a few blog entries complete for at any rate a long time from now. That way, you dont need to worry finally, and post content that probably won't be up to your norms of execution. You plan those blog entries. That is a type of mechanization. With programmed online networking posting, you compose and structure your substance, at that point essentially plan it to share sometime in the not too distant future. This computerization encourages you completeâ and plan your work at once to wipe out the dull, manual busywork that would some way or another power you to perform various tasks and significantly decline your profitability. Web-based social networking robotization kills dull, manual busywork.3 Social Media Automation Myths So lets look atâ some of the illogic against naturally sharing your online life content. Here are a few things individuals state: 1. Computerized Social Media Posts Are Penalized Cradle assembled unique exploration looking at naturally posted Facebook messages against messages postedâ from an outsider apparatus. The discoveries? Posts from outsider instruments, as (and Buffer, whichâ nicely incorporates with), don't get less commitment thanâ natively posted Facebook messages. 2. Mechanized Social Marketing Is Impersonal You despite everything need to writeâ your messages and plan theâ visuals youll share. ^ This takes an individual touch. In the event that anything, devoting time to compose and plan your substance in front of timetable should assist you with making better substance. You wont make on the fly and posting in a flash, which offers you the chance to plan as opposed to respond. With computerization, you basically choose to share that content sometime in the not too distant future. 3. Programmed Social Media Posting Strips Engagement You despite everything need to design time to react + connect with your crowd when they share your substance, answer to your social offers, and contact you. ^ This isn't something to computerize. 7 Tips To Automate Social Media Posts Like A Boss 1. Plan A Variety Of Messages For Each Newsfeed Without a doubt, you can share contentâ headlines. Butâ as your crowd takes a gander at your newsfeed on any informal community, youll need an assortment of message types that will in general work amazingly well. Consider: Expert Tip: Use the Headline Analyzer constructed intoâ your promoting schedule to conceptualize numerous renditions of your features for social offers. This training permits you to have a similar bit of substance over different systems on different occasions without causing it to feel like youre simply having something very similar again and again when you computerize. 2. Compose For Each Network While exhortation on composing for web based life by and large traverses all systems, there are mechanics to consider with your content. You will need to compose multipleâ messages for each system, particularly in the event that you intend to reuse those in your web based life mechanization. 3. Structure For Each Network Like the genuine content in your web based life messages,â optimize your visuals for each system. 4. Make A Posting Schedule For Every Piece Of Content You Publish + Curate By this point, youve composed numerous drawing in internet based life messages for each system. Youve likewise planned and enhanced your visuals for each system. Presently its opportunity to consider planning and robotizing those online life messages.  helps you sort out a posting plan you can reuse over and over. Its called Social Templates. That component causes you make a web-based social networking effort format once, at that point reuse it later to spare you from theâ tedious, manual busywork of online networking planning. In your schedule, open the bit of substance you need to share. At that point include the Social Campaign. Snap on the Social Templates symbol, and + Create New Template. Name your Social Template, at that point utilize Social Helpers to make placeholders where youll later spot your real online networking message content. I consider Social Helpers like structure fields: You are making the layout youll fill in and reuse over and over later on. So Social Helpers are tokens of what you need to includeâ in your posting plan. You can utilize Social Helpers huge amounts of various ways yet on the off chance that you accepted my recommendation and composed and planned drawing in messages for each system, Id name your content assistants and picture aides to supplement each other. Let me show you by model. Lets state you composed and structured three Facebook messages. In your Social Template, make Social Helpers for every one of the three messages with a Text Helper and Image Helper to supplement one another. This will guarantee you coordinate your substance the way youd anticipate: Text Helper: {facebook1} Image Helper: {facebook1} Text Helper: {facebook2} Image Helper: {facebook2} Text Helper: {facebook2} Image Helper: {facebook2} You get the thought. Presently you can tissue out a posting plan for each system in one spot. Afterâ youve made your Social Template,â apply it to your substance and fill in the Social Helpers with the messages youve made. Presently youll consequently share connecting with content well past the second you composed your web based life messages. Social Templates are accessible in all new showcasing schedules! 5. Naturally Share At The Best Times For Each Social Network As you make yourâ posting plan, its supportive to know the best occasions to postâ on each system. Youre bound to get the commitment, offers, and traffic you merit via naturally sharing your substance when every particular systems crowd is generally dynamic: Fortunately for you, this information isâ built directly into . As you set up your Social Template and timetable your messages, you can leave your default plan setting on Best Time. will naturally share your message on the day you plan at the best an ideal opportunity to expand your commitment. Its a clever component we call Best Time Scheduling, and its accessible inâ all new advertising schedules. That implies you get all the advantages of contacting your crowd without recalling all the dull dataâ about when every networksâ users are regularly dynamic. 6. Offer The Perfect Amount On Each Network In any event, when you set up battles for each bit of substance you distribute and clergyman, there will be times whenever youre missingâ engagement openings: So how might you fill in the holes in your posting plan toâ share the ideal add up to each informal organization, consistently?

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The International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Group are two worldwide foundations made to help countries in turning out to be and remaining financially feasible. Every assumes an imporant job in the earth of universal exchange by keeping up strength in the monetary markets and by helping nations that are looking for financial turn of events and rebuilding. Lacking money related stores and shaky monetary forms are especially vexing issues in worldwide trade.So long as these conditions exist, world markets can't create and work as successfully as they should. To defeat these specific market boundaries that tormented global exchanging before World War II, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was framed. Initially 29 nations consented to the arrangement; presently 184 nations are individuals. Among the goals of the IMF are the adjustment of outside trade rates and the foundation of openly convertible monetary standards to encourage the development and adjusted development of worldwide trade.Member nations have deliberately joined to talk with each other to keep up a steady arrangement of purchasing and selling their monetary forms so installments in oreign cash can happen between nations easily and immediately. The IMF additionally loans cash to individuals experiencing difficulty meeting monetary commitments to different individuals. Argentina, Turkey, and Greece have as of late got such assistance from the IMF, yet the outcomes have been blended. To adapt to all around gliding trade rates, the IMF created uncommon drawing rights (SDRs), one of its increasingly helpful innovations. Since both gold and the U. S.â dollar have lost their utility as the fundamental mechanism of budgetary trade, most fiscal insights identify with SDRs as opposed to dollars.The SDR is essentially â€Å"paper gold† and speaks to a normal base of significant worth got from the estimation of a gathering of significant monetary forms. As opposed to being named in the cas h of some random nation, exchange contracts are habitually written in SDRs in light of the fact that they are considerably less defenseless to conversion standard vacillations. The extraordinary drawing right (SDR) is a worldwide hold resource, made by the IMF in 1969 to enhance the current authority stores of part countries.Countries can trade SDRs for hard money at the IMF. The SDR additionally fills in as the unit of record of the IMF and some other worldwide associations. Its worth depends on a container of key universal monetary forms. The SDR is somehow or another like a cash, however is at present utilized uniquely at the IMF. The estimation of the SDR depends on the trade paces of the US dollar, the euro, the yen and the pound real. The container arrangement is surveyed like clockwork to guarantee that it mirrors the general significance of monetary forms in the world’s exchanging and money related systems.Although the International Monetary Fund has some extreme crit ics,43 most concur that it has played out an important assistance and in any event incompletely accomplished a considerable lot of its destinations. Undoubtedly, the IMF demonstrated its incentive in the money related emergency among some Asian nations in 1997. The effect of the emergency was decreased significantly because of activities taken by the IMF. During the money related emergency, the IMF gave advances to a few nations including Thailand, Indonesia, and South Korea. Had these nations not got help ($60 billion to Korea alone), the financial resonations may have prompted a worldwide recession.As it was, all the significant value markets reflected generous decreases in showcase costs, and the pace of monetary development in certain nations was eased back. At times mistook for the IMF, the World Bank Group is a different foundation that has as its objective the decrease of destitution and the improvement of expectations for everyday comforts by advancing feasible development a nd interest in individuals. The bank gives advances, specialized help, and strategy direction to creating nation individuals to accomplish its objectives.The World Bank Group has five foundations, every one of which plays out the accompanying administrations: (1)Lending cash to the legislatures of creating nations to fund improvement extends in training, wellbeing, and framework (2)Providing help to governments for formative ventures to the least fortunate creating nations (per capita earnings of $925 or less) (3) Lending straightforwardly to the private division to help fortify the private segment in creating nations with long haul advances, value speculations, and other money related assistance.Providing speculators with venture ensures against â€Å"non-business risk,†, for example, confiscation and war, to make a domain in creating nations that will pull in remote venture (5)Promoting expanded progressions of worldwide speculation by giving offices to the assuagement and intervention of debates among governments and outside financial specialists. It likewise gives guidance, does research, and delivers distributions in the region of remote speculation law.Since their commencement, these organizations have assumed an essential job in the financial improvement of nations throughoutâ the world and in this manner added to the development of universal exchange since World War II. Fights against Global Institutions Beginning in 1999, what some are calling â€Å"anti-entrepreneur protesters† started to impact the activities of the major worldwide organizations depicted already. The essential objection against the WTO, IMF, and others is the amalgam of unintended results of globalization: ecological concerns, specialist abuse and local employment misfortunes, social annihilation, higher oil costs, and reduced power of nations.The hostile to globalization fights initially grabbed the eye of the world press during a WTO meeting in Seattle in November 1 999. At that point came the World Bank and IMF gatherings in April in Washington, DC, the World Economic Forum in Melbourne, Australia, in September, and IMF/World Bank gatherings in Prague, likewise in September 2000. Approximately 10,000 dissidents confronted exactly 11,000 police in Prague. Furthermore, the protests45 and brutality have proceeded at different gatherings of world pioneers in regards to monetary issues, for example, the G20 gatherings in London in 2009,46 and in singular nations influenced by the IMF.Tragically, the fear based oppression in London was probably planned to correspond with the G8 gatherings in Scotland in 2005. Despite the hypothetical methodology utilized with regards to worldwide exchange, the advantages from a flat out or near preferred position plainly can collect to any country. Uplifted contenders from around the globe have made expanded weight for protectionism from each district of the globe when open markets are required if world assets are t o be created and used in the most helpful manner.And however showcase security might be required considering certain conditions and might be gainful to national resistance or the consolation of baby ventures in creating countries, the shopper only here and there profits by such assurance. Free global markets help immature nations become independent, and in light of the fact that open markets give new clients, most industrialized countries have, since World War II, participated in progressing in the direction of more liberated trade.Such exchange will consistently be halfway undermined by different administrative and market boundaries that exist or are made for the assurance of nearby organizations. Nonetheless, the pattern has been toward more liberated exchange. The changing financial and political truths are creating remarkable business structures that keep on securing certain significant enterprises. The fate of open worldwide markets lies with the controlled and impartial decrea se of exchange obstructions.

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CATALASE AND THE DECOMPOSITION OF H2O2 Essays - Disinfectants NAME: CLASS : DBT 4A DATE SUBMITTED : 14 AUG 2015 Trial 4:CATALASE AND THE DECOMPOSITION OF H2O2 (VIRTUAL) Method 1.Fill the container with water and 5ml of hydrogen peroxide. 2.Pipette 1ml of catalase chemical into the measuring glass. 3.After 10 seconds, include sulfuric corrosive into the container. 4.Using titration strategy, check the nearness of hydrogen peroxide in measuring glass. 5.Fill the burette with 5ml of potassium permanganate ( KMnO4). 6.Add KMnO4 drop by drop into the container until the H2O2 become purple shading. 7.Record the information. 8.Repeat the stage 1 until stage 7 for 30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 seconds. RESULTS Assurance of catalase action Time (s)10306090120180 Starting perusing of KMnO4 (ml) 5 5 5 5 5 5 Last perusing of KMnO4 (ml) 0.5 1.5 3 4 4.5 4.9 Measure of H2O2 that responds with KMnO4 (ml) 4.5 3.5 2 1 0.5 0.1 Measure of H2O2 that was separated by catalase 0.5 1.5 3 4 4.5 4.9 Measure of KMnO4 (ml) utilized 4.5 3.5 2 1 0.5 0.1 Rate assurance Time interims (s)0 - 1010 - 3030 - 6060 - 9090 - 120120 - 180 Rate (ml/s)0.45 X 10-3 Figuring : Measure of H2O2 that responds with KMnO4 (ml) = Rate (ml/s) Time 1)4.5ml 10 - 0 = 0.45 ml/s Diagram Conversation The reason for this investigation is to examine the pace of chemical catalase which includes in hydrolyzing process. This implies to decide the time taken for the catalase to separates hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. Measure of hydrogen peroxide that was separated by catalase controlled by the creation of the air pockets. While the measure of outstanding hydrogen peroxide estimated by the assistance of potassium permanganate. Which implies that measure of potassium permanganate expected to change the shade of the catalase answer for purple is the rest of the measure of hydrogen peroxide. Substrate of this test is the hydrogen peroxide while the items are water and oxygen gas. At the point when the catalase catalyst is added to the container which contains water and hydrogen peroxide rising in the arrangement can be watched. The creation of air pockets shows the way toward separating of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen gas and it is the presence of items. For an occurr ence, 0.5ml of hydrogen peroxide was separated by catalase chemical in 10 seconds. Potassium permanganate was utilized to gauge the vanishing of hydrogen peroxide by titration strategy. Potassium permanganate added to the hydrogen peroxide arrangement drop by drop until shading changes happen. The arrangement transforms into purple shading which show the vanishing of the hydrogen peroxide. For a model, 4.5ml of potassium permanganate is utilized to change the shade of arrangement into purple. The separate of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen gas by catalase can be summed up as : Catalase 2 H2O2 2 H2O + O2 Potassium permanganate is an oxidizing operator. In this manner, it is diminished by hydrogen peroxide to an unmistakable arrangement. Yet, when the hydrogen peroxide is gone the extreme purple shade of the permanganate will be noticeable. The condition of this response is : 5 H2O2 + 2MnO4-+ 6H+ = 5O2 + 2Mn2+ + 8H2O

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Flying of Fate the Echoes of “The Duchess of Malfi” - Literature Essay Samples

The main themes of â€Å"The Duchess of Malfi† are expertly demonstrated by Webster throughout many of the play’s intriguing scenes and dialogues. One particular instance occurs in the famous echo scene (5.3.1-55) between Antonio and Delio. As they are discussing the nature of fate in the lives of men, their words are met with a ghostly echo, presumably the voice of the Duchess’ from beyond the grave. The echo, a definitively gothic element, is important in exploring the limitations of death and the power of fate as themes in this classic tragic tale.The idea of female power and its limitations is uniquely crafted by Webster in the character of The Duchess. In life, she is depicted as a definite figure of female heroism and a bold and fearless woman of power. Due to the many stigmas surrounding her behavior as a female, the Duchess is consequently met with scorn and is faced with limitations upon her power to make decisions. These hindrances, however, often do no t deter her from giving up her independence or bold spirit. The famous line â€Å"I am Duchess of Malfi still† (4.2.134) relays the power, duty, and above all, heroism the Duchess possesses even at the brink of death.The echo scene marks a complete shift in the Duchess’s possession of power. Here, the Duchess is still able to communicate and suggest ideas to her husband, but she is unable to physically ensure that they are accomplished. Death represents the definitive limitation against the Duchess. In life, most of her power was relayed not only through her voice and words, but by her body as well. Naturally, her physical beauty had played a role in her successes in dealing with others. Antonio earlier states that, â€Å"Whilst she speaks, She throws upon a man so sweet a look, that it were able to raise one to a galliard† (1.1.189-191) meaning that she could sway a man with just one look. It is clear that her possession of physical beauty played a large part in how well she was able to influence others, and it seems to have been a key advantage in her sense of female power. In the echo scene, death has left her at a loss for her most powerful asset in persuasion—her body.In this scene, the spirit of the Duchess expresses itself through the mysterious echoing that follows Antonio and Delio’s words: â€Å"A thing of sorrow† (5.3.23), â€Å"Do not† (5.3.29), and â€Å"Be mindful of thy safety† (5.3.32) are all cautions the Duchess desperately attempts to relay to Antonio. Importantly, the spirit of the Duchess does not repeat each line that is spoken as a true echo would but rather only highlights those words dealing with death, sorrow and fate. Due to the Duchess’s lack of physical presence, her warnings are ultimately unsuccessful in gaining the serious attention of these two men. Antonio instead seems to spurn the ghostly advice of his wife by dismissing it as nothing more than a natural occur rence.These echoes also serve to craftily explore the ambiguity regarding the nature of fate and how much influence our decisions have over our own lives. While standing in the ruins of an ancient abbey, Antonio regards that â€Å"all things have their end: Churches and cities, which have disease like to men, Must have like death that we have.† (5.3.17-19). He is reflecting on the idea that men have no true influence over their own fates nor the fate of what is around them. As the phrase goes, often the best laid plans of men go awry. After Antonio makes this statement, the echo presents its first interjection, repeating his line about death. Delio comments that the echo has â€Å"caught† Antonio, an interesting insinuation that he is helpless not only to his fate but to these ominous warnings as well. This introduces the notion that there is a higher power among the characters in the ruins, one that could possibly be in control of Antonio’s own future. Ignoring the advice of his companion and that of the ghostly echoes, Antonio asserts his belief that one cannot outrun one’s own fate. As Delio reminds Antonio to â€Å"be mindful of thy safety† (5.3.31), Antonio replies that he is ambivalent towards caution. He is compelled to be careful; however, he also realizes that treading along the path of life softly does not ensure that you can do so safely. â€Å"You’ll find it impossible/To fly your fate† (5.3.33-34), he proclaims. Here, the Duchess interjects with an alarming echo that disagrees with Antonio’s opinion: â€Å"O fly your fate† (5.3.35), the echo calls in an almost pleading manner. It is clear the Duchess is also very concerned for the safety of Antonio, and believes he must attempt to escape his fate.To her credit, the Duchess does manage to get Delio on her side. He tells Antonio that the echo seems to be giving good advice, and that perhaps Antonio should dodge his fate. However, Antonio dismisses the echo as a mere â€Å"dead thing† (5.3.39) and holds fast in his idea to face whatever the future holds for him. Antonio clearly believes that men have no true power over the events that occur in their lives, and often their attempts to change it prove for the worst: â€Å"Though in our miseries Fortune have a part, Yet in our noble suff’rings she hath none. Contempt of pain—that we may call our own.† (5.3.54-56). Antonio decides to face his future head-on by remaining at the castle, rather than flee the country and risk living in a â€Å"mockery and abuse of life† (5.3.47).The echo scene of Act V clearly raises the question of how much influence one man can have over his own life. It also raises the question as to whether or not these characters can truly outrun their fates. Webster presents both sides of the argument: Delio and the Duchess’ echoes are clearly in agreement as they both believe Antonio can escape his foreboding death by running away, while Antonio maintains that fate will play out the way it wishes, irregardless of any man’s attempts to flee it. He would much rather prefer to stand up to his fate than fly from it. In this case, fate does win over as most of the characters, Antonio included, are eventually brutally murdered. This echo scene thus serves as Webster’s masterful attempt at exploring the limitations of death and the nature of fate in the lives of humans. The prevailing role of fate is most beautifully captured by Bosola in his final musings at the closing of the play: â€Å"We are merely the stars’ tennis balls, struck and banded/Which way please them.† (5.4.54-55).

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Some Of The Effects That Peer-Pressure Have On Teens

Some Of The Effects That Peer-Pressure Have On Teens Teens are effected in so many ways by peer pressure is social pressure by member of ones peer group to take a certain action, adopt certain values, or other wise conform in order to be accepted. Peer pressure effect different teens in different ways. Teen are often being pressured into using drugs, having sex, drinking and bullying, the list goes on. When the peer pressure becomes overwhelming teens suffer great effects such social anxiety, depression some even result to suicide. Peer pressure is probably one of the biggest issuses in high school, as a teen its likely you’ve experienced the effect of peer influence in a number of different areas sometimes teens may have to dress a†¦show more content†¦What we dont realize is that this style drives anger beneath the surface and forces it to find a more indirect way for expression. Teens may go online to escape their problems but excessive computer use only increases their isolation it may lead to reckless behavior and out of control drinking. â€Å"Depression is like a war. You either win or die trying†. (Sutter). Teen depression is also associated with a number of health problems including eating disorders and self harm. Teens who commit suicide often suffer from depression. Teens may feel misunderstood so it is wise for parents and care givers to learn up on depression and how to help their child on the road to recovery. Teens may lean on drug use to make the feel better or just help with the pain they have on the end side so then it may lead form just depression to depression drug addictions. Sometimes they might cut to cope with the pain. But all this could be solved with doctor visits and therapy. The first would be trying to get them to speck out because it takes a lot of courage to stand up and tell someone else your pain. Suicide is often misunderstood. Suicide is an act of a individual taking their own life. Suicide thoughts a re have numerous cause most often result of feeling like you cant cope when you are faced with to much stress. Theories and thoughts on suicide have changed over the years both within the psychological community and within the general population. These changes seem toShow MoreRelatedShould I Drink This Beer? Essay1650 Words   |  7 PagesShould I drink this beer? Should I Get A Job? Am I too fat? These are some typical questions that adolescents face during their middle school and high school years. Peer pressure can change the answer to those three simple question in both a negative or positive way. Peer pressure is when a group of your peers is trying to influence you to do something in either a good or bad way. Peer pressure can be shown in many different types of situations such as when drugs and alcohol come into an adolescentRead MoreArgumentative Essay On Peer Pressure1532 Words   |  7 Pages Peer Pressure: An Epidemic We all have been young adolescents before and experienced all the things junior high and high school has to offer. Being a teenager is something everyone has or will experience in our life times. Teenagers go through a crucial time in their lives where they really figure out who they are and how to make more adult decisions. Peer pressure has always been a regular part of teenage life. American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry states â€Å"Peers play a large roleRead MoreTaking a Look at Peer Pressure761 Words   |  3 Pages Peer pressure. No one can hear those two words and not feel bad in some way. Peer pressure happens in every school. Teens are being torn down by other teens. It is not okay to hurt anyone no matter what. Every year some kid runs away from home probable because of being peer pressured, peer pressure must be dealt with some way or another. If putting up laws helps get rid of peer pressure its worth it. Teen peer pressure has become a big problem in schools, and teens should be required to go aRead MoreTeens Experience Dramatic Physical And Mental Changes1250 Words   |  5 Pages John Gabriel Navarro Andre Dominic Peralta English 27 D Some teenagers these days are influenced to smoke marijuana, smoke cigarette and drink liquors because of peer pressure. Background on Teens Teens experience dramatic physical and mental changes. In line with this, they are undergoing cognitive changes that allow them to think more deeply (Schulenburg, 2007) Causing them to have the sense of responsibility, independence and the authority from surprising features of theRead MorePromoting A Drug Awareness Program For Teens1695 Words   |  7 PagesAwareness Program for Teens Teen drug use/abuse is common. According to the U. S. Department of Health Human Services, the most common drugs teens use are alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and prescription drugs (2016). Other drugs used are inhalants, over-the-counter medications, and other illegal drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin. The use of drugs and alcohol increase the risk of injury or death. According to WebMD, alcohol and drug abuse is a leading cause of teen death or injuryRead MoreEssay on Teenage Drinking In America920 Words   |  4 Pages Teenagers are America’s greatest natural resource, and they need to be protected from some of the evils that lurk in the world. A subject that needs special attention is the abuse of alcohol by teens. Statistics show that there is a problem currently between teens and alcohol. There are many causes of teenage drinking and effects that prove that drinking is an important issue that needs to be dealt with to preserve American teenagers. Teenage drinking will become worse of a problem if it continuesRead MoreThe Breakfast Club Essay1499 Words   |  6 Pagesand issues in Saturday morning detention. These students show the two main issues of high school students: peer pressure and family issues. The film examines the effects of these issues on student’s everyday life and view on the world. Some of these effects include bullying, contemplation of suicide, drugs, and depression. In each of the characters, The Breakfast Club shows these negative effects on teenagers and examines the concept of adulthood and fitting in from an adolescent perspective. But notRead MoreA Brief Note On Peer Pressure Among Adolescents1527 Words   |  7 PagesTitle: Social Pressure in Those Who Are Different Peer pressure is exerted on an individual or individuals by their peer to conform to expected norms. The peer pressure philosophically can split into two groups Direct and Indirect. Direct implies the peer pressure influence can be either physically or verbally communicative such as asking to participate in an activity which is illegal. Indirect specify it is discrete, including more emotional and mental pressures; such as putting the individualRead MoreTeen Drinking And Driving921 Words   |  4 PagesSamantha Tangen Ms. Jackson Period 4 *date* Teen drinking and driving Drinking and driving is one of the biggest social issues for teens across the United States. Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol is a very dangerous thing no matter what age you are. However, teens do not think about the consequences of drinking and driving until it is already too late. Many things contribute to this growing problem of teen drinking and driving. First, there is a lack of education aboutRead MoreThe Effect Of Peer Pressure On Teens And Schools Essay1711 Words   |  7 Pages Peer pressure in society today has a negative effect on teens and schools should implement programs to help teens battle with peer pressure. Nowadays Peer pressure is a major problem in the lives of teens. These problems not only occur in school, but also outside of schools. If schools decide to implement programs teaching teenagers how to successfully battle peer pressure, a lot of decision-making for teens would be different. Not only in educational programs but in their everyday lives as

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Banning Drinking While Pregnant Essay - 1838 Words

National surveys show that about six out of every ten women of child-bearing age 18-44 years old use alcohol, and slightly less than one-third of women who drink alcohol in this age group binge drink. Excessive exposure to alcohol during pregnancy can inflict serious, permanent physical and mental damage on her child like Fetal Alcohol Spectrum disorders (FASDS), Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), miscarriage, and premature birth. Although men are more likely to drink alcohol, and drink in larger amounts, gender differences in body structure and chemistry cause women to absorb more alcohol, and take longer to break it down and remove it from their bodies. Upon drinking equal amounts, women have higher alcohol levels in their blood than men, and†¦show more content†¦There is no known cure for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. The series of physical and mental defects that comprise this Syndrome are irreversible. The term â€Å"Fetal Alcohol Spectrum disorders† (FASDS) is used to describe the numerous problems associated with exposure to alcohol before birth. Each year in the United States, up to 40,000 babies are born with â€Å"Fetal Alcohol Spectrum disorders† (FASDs) (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). Additionally, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum disorders (FASDs) comes with effects that range from mild to severe. These effects include mental retardation; learning, emotional and behavioral problems; and defects involving the heart, face and other organs. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, the patterns of drinking that place a baby at greatest risk for FASDS are binge drinking and drinking seven or more drinks per week (Surgeon General). However, FASDS can occur in babies of women who drink less. There is no way of measuring how much alcohol one can consume before defects occur, and no proof that small amounts of alcohol are safe. As little as one drink a day can cause a baby some degree of harm and interfere with their normal development. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is a combination of physical and mental birth defects. When a pregnant woman drinks alcohol she is making her child drink also. However, alcohol itself may not be directly responsible for all (or any) of the features of FAS. What may be responsible areShow MoreRelatedShould Smoking Be Banned?1326 Words   |  6 Pagesfoul scent? If you have it must be annoying, and the surprising fact is it kills you very slowly inside. Every time you smell that dirty scent, you are inhaling thousands of chemicals. Some may argue that banning smoking will create a violent and may damage the economy. However, I agree on banning smoking for plentiful reasons. The effects of smoking are extremely dangerous which can lead a smoker to death and it is not only affecting the smokers; but also endanger the life of the non-smokers by theRead MoreEssay on Drive a Car Not a Cell945 Words   |  4 PagesDrive a Car Not a Cell While operating a vehicle, all cell phone usage should be illegal. Not only is it dangerous for the driver but it also dangerous for the other drivers on the road. Drivers on the road today have many disturbances that impact their driving skills. Necessary action needs to be taken to limit more major harm due to cell phone usage while driving today. (Word Count: 64) First and foremost, cell phone use while driving can be distracting to the driver. Some may say in today’sRead MoreAbortion : The Issue Of Abortion1212 Words   |  5 Pages21-year-old pregnant woman named Jane Roe won her case in a Texas courtroom that would allow women to have safe and legal abortions. Most Americans believe that abortion is both murder and morally wrong and it should be allowed in special circumstances. I am pro-choice, but against abortion, and will discuss the utilitarian and Natural law of abortion. Since 1973 abortion has been legal in the United States. This occurred when the Supreme Court Roe Vs. Wade decision stopped states from banning the procedureRead MoreSweat Shops in Mexico Essay882 Words   |  4 Pages The working conditions in the Maquiladoras endanger workers. Women workers are denied access to social, maternity, and health benefits (Woman’s Labor). Woman are at a disadvantage if they get pregnant. There are no benefits for these workers to fall back on, as soon as they get pregnant they are fired because the factory managers do not want to pay a medical leave. In such cases, workers can easily be replaced and there are dramatic changes in employment for families. â€Å"Government oversightRead MoreThe Aftermath of Teenage Drinking2082 Words   |  9 PagesThe Aftermath of Teenage Drinking In America today many cultures use alcohol in many different occasions, For instance when toasting at weddings its ceremonial to pop champagne, as well wine is served during the Christian communion, or just simply going out to a club or bar to celebrate birthdays. The legal drinking age throughout the United States is 21. However we all know majority of high school students have tried alcohol. When drinking at an early age it can lead to alcoholism. DespiteRead MorePersuasive Essay On Gay Adoption1643 Words   |  7 Pagesthese individuals, including parenthood. Should LGBTQ+ be able to adopt children? Do gay parents and guardians effect children negatively? Adoption is a lengthy process of legally accepting responsibilities of a non-biological child. While adoption is usually governed by laws that vary from state to state, but there are also federal regulations. These federal laws are set in place to provide clarity on who can and cannot adopt, parental rights, consent, the best interest of the adopteesRead MoreChemical And Name Of Drug2321 Words   |  10 Pages1. Correct (Chemical Name Brand) Name of drug. What category of drug is it? What schedule does it belong in? a. The chemical name for drinking alcohol is ethyl alcohol, or ethanol. It is a depressant, which means it causes slurred speech, unsteady movement, skewed perception, and slow reaction speed. (Foundation for a Drug-Free World) Alcohol has no currently accepted medical uses and has a very high abuse potential. Because of these properties, it can be classified in the schedule 1 drugRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1615 Words   |  7 Pagesthe United States in terms of health, economy, and social reparations. Marijuana restriction laws may have a huge effect on underage usage. There has been similar evidence from the regulation of tobacco and alcohol. The correlation of smoking and drinking limits with the lowered uses by students may be seen in marijuana usage as well (Boffey). As stated by the Institute of Medicine, only 9% of marijuana users develop an addiction, when compared to higher figures of 32% of tobacco, 23% of heroin, 17%Read MoreShould Smoking Public Places?1854 Words   |  8 PagesSociety has shown an importance to let teens know that high school has been offering teens chances to smoke with all of the peer pressure into trying new things, especially teens who are under the influence of strong tobacco products and getting pregnant. Smoking during pregnancy is not advised because it can damage the fetus. Researchers found a 10% reduction in premature births and severe childhood asthma attacks within a year of smoke-free laws being introduced (BBC). The laws on smoking now-a-daysRead MoreTobacco Advertising Is Illegal but Alcohol Is Not. Is This Hypocritical?3161 Words   |  13 Pageshundreds of advertisements every day. It is when these companies attempt to promote a dangerous product that restrictions must be, and have been put in place. For several years, Canada’s regulations on tobacco advertisements have become stricter, while alcohol advertisements are still permitted across multiple mediums. This leads one to question the difference between the two substances, and if this notion is in fact hypocritical. The stakeholders identified in this paper are the viewers and listeners

The Alchemist Symbolism free essay sample

The Alchemist tells the story of Santiago, a young shepherd living in an abandoned church in a small Andalusian town, who is stripped of his comfortable and safe lifestyle after an encounter with Melchizedek, an Islamic king who tells him of his â€Å"Personal Legend† (21). Melchizedek points Santiago in the direction of his treasure only after taking one-tenth of his money, giving him two stones, and a lesson on reading omens. Throughout his journey, Santiago meets new friends, has everything stolen from him three times, and travels the vast and unknown Sahara Desert all while achieving personal growth and an understanding of his life’s meaning. His journey leads him to an Oasis where he meets the alchemist, a man who will lead him on to the pyramids of Egypt. When Santiago finally completes his journey and arrives at the pyramids, he is beaten by soldiers and ironically told where the treasure is truly hidden: buried beneath a tree at an abandoned church, the exact spot where he had started. Coelho masterfully works symbolism into The Alchemist to give the reader a direct picture and deeper understanding of his piece. These symbols allow the reader to gain valuable insight into the piece through background knowledge and relations to the symbol itself. One example of symbolism in The Alchemist is mirages, or hallucinations. This symbol is not used in the way a typical reader would think. Instead of meaning a picture that one sees in the extreme heat, it is used to represent a vision or aspiration. Although the term mirage is mentioned only once in the novel, it is symbolized throughout by Santiago’s struggle to obtain his treasure. His hardships in traveling give the reader a sense that the treasure itself may be a mirage, something Santiago is only dreaming of but may never physically reach. Coelho uses two separate meanings of the word mirage. The literal definition word mirage is used the one time that it is mentioned and is understood to mean a vision. Santiago is watching hawks flying through the sky when an adverse move by one bird causes him to see a sign. Suddenly, one of the hawks made a flashing dive through the sky, attacking the other. As it did so, a sudden, fleeting image came to the boy: an army, with its swords at the ready, riding into the oasis. The vision vanished immediately, but it had shaken him. He had heard people speak of mirages, and had already seen some himself: they were desires that, because of their intensity, materialized over the sands of the desert. But he certainly didnt desire that an army invade the oasis. (100) At this point in the novel, Coelho is using mirage in the literal sense of a vision seen in the desert. Although Santiago sees it is a sign of the future and acts on this thought, the meaning of the word in this sense remains the same. Coelho also inadvertently compares Santiago’s entire journey as a mirage in itself. There are many times throughout the plot where it seems Santiago has almost reached his treasure or has made progress only to find a block in the road or a digression he must make. Although the reader may not make the connection during the first read, it is evident that the story line mirrors that of a mirage as Santiago seems physically unable to reach his treasure with ease. The first instance of such struggle comes early in his journey. Santiago sold his sheep and was traveling through Tangier when he stopped in a bar. There he meets and strange man who, for the right price, offers to take him to the pyramids claiming they â€Å"could get to the Pyramids by tomorrow† (36). Santiago allows himself to trust this man and lets him hold his money, the entirety of his possessions. The man leads Santiago through the plaza, a maze of people, vendors, and animals and, eventually, Santiago loses the stranger and all his money. This is the first time Santiago’s Personal Legend could be perceived as a mirage. Like a hallucination to a thirsty and tired desert traveler, this event gave Santiago happiness and hope only to leave him without his proverbial water and shelter. After being promised a guide to the pyramids and a short travel period he was instead left alone and without money. What had minutes beforehand seemed like a perfect way to his treasure was now only an empty promise. Soon after, Santiago is forced to work for a crystal merchant in the hopes of replacing his lost money and continuing on his quest. He works for the merchant for eleven months and during this time, continues to think less and ess of his Personal Legend. He becomes skilled in this practice and begins to work towards instead, replacing his flock of sheep and returning to his past lifestyle. During this time, Santiago perceived reaching the pyramids as an impossible feat claiming â€Å"Egypt was now just a distant dream for him† and that, like a mirage, it would always be just out of his reach (56). In th is way, Coelho shows that Santiago’s morale is lessening. The more that he stays at the crystal shop, the more he sees his treasure as a mirage instead of a physical object. Not only can the boy’s journey be related to mirages, so to can his relationship with Fatima. He first meets her at the oasis by the water well. They next day he returns and tells her that he loves her. From there he begins to tell her of his life as a shepherd and his search for treasure. Fatima listens patiently for a month and then finally tells Santiago her true feelings for him. She explains that she is a woman of the desert and that, since she is a woman of the desert, she is used to watching husbands leave. She explains how she is glad to let him go and wish for his safety until he returns, as it is something his must do. Santiago heeds her advice and continues on his journey, always thinking back to Fatima and the oasis, yearning to be with her. Coelho once again presents an event that can be compared to a mirage in this relationship. Santiago finally finds the woman he claims to love and just as he is getting close to her, she sends him off, away from what he desires. Santiago uses this relationship that is at the tip of his fingers as motivation to reach the end of his Personal Legend and return to Fatima with the treasure he has been searching for. Perhaps the largest and most prominent example of and event relating to a mirage would be when Santiago finally reaches the pyramids. After the hardships he encounters along his way, which include being stolen from twice, being stuck in the midst of a war, and having to turn himself into the wind, he finally reaches Egypt where his treasure is fated to be held. He praises God for leading him along his Personal Legend and begins to dig when he is approached by several men who command him to keep digging, as they were to take his gold. When Santiago found nothing in the ground, the men beat him and stopped only after he explained that he was led there by a dream. The soldiers leave but not before the leader explains a recurrent dream that he had. He told Santiago that his dream instructed him to â€Å"travel to the fields of Spain and look for a ruined church where shepherds and their sheep slept. In my dream, there was a sycamore growing out of the ruins of the sacristy, and I was told that, if I dug at the roots of the sycamore, I would find a hidden treasure† (163). This perhaps is the most ironic part of the story, as well as the most relevant to the mirage symbolism that is prevalent throughout the story line. Through the entirety of his journey, he is told that his treasure lies at the pyramids. He struggles to cross the desert and find his way there. When he finally reaches the place that seemed almost impossible to find, he is beaten and told through another person’s vision that his treasure lays in the fields of Andalusia, the exact spot where he started. It seemed that he was so close to his treasure, just one grain of sand away when suddenly he is told how far he truly is from obtaining it. This mirage reference gives the reader a sense of humor and knowledge that, the whole journey was made up for the purpose of personal growth. It gives the reader the sense that, while Santiago had always been right on top of the treasure and never knew, the journey and spiritual and personal growth was the real treasure Santiago obtained. When Santiago finally finds his treasure from the same tree he had previously slept under, the reader is given a final sense of relief that he has finally found the item that had always been just out of reach. Coelho uses these examples of symbolism and more to create an overlying relation of Santiago’s journey to that of a mirage. While this is not a traditional style in which a symbol is used and may not be noticed by a reader their first time reading the book, it is a prevalent relation that adds depth and character to the book. Even though the word mirage is only mentioned one time, a reader will be able to connect Santiago’s struggle in traveling and in his interpersonal communications as a relation to mirages. Without this relation, an element of the novel’s plot would be lost and readers would have nothing to compare his struggles to. Not only does the mirage relation give the reader a physical image to compare with his quest, it also ties the journey back to the setting, the Sahara Desert. This adds yet another layer to the story line that previously claimed everything is connected by the â€Å"Soul of the World† (22). Coelho masterfully works this overlaying symbol into his novel to add depth and character to a story and to give the reader an overall moral; to never give up on your dream, even when it seems as if it will always be physically unattainable. This moral is illustrated by Santiago’s determination in finding his treasure and returning to Fatima at the oasis, even when so much had already gone wrong on his quest. It describes how, if a person maintains their intended path and listens to their heart, they will have treasure beyond their dreams, find personal and spiritual growth, and be truly happy.